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Sky is the leading pay-TV service in Germany and Austria with about 4.3 million subscribers. Since the launch of the Sky brand in July 2009, the Company has significantly expanded the depth and breadth of its program offering, introduced numerous innovations and enhanced its customer service. The results can be seen in the Company’s operational and financial progress, as well as improvements in viewer ratings, value-for-money scores, customer recommendations and high satisfaction levels.

Sky is available via satellite, cable, IPTV, the internet and mobile networks. Technically, Sky reaches almost every household in Germany and over 95 percent of all households in Austria. Viewers in Switzerland can also receive Sky via Teleclub. Compared to the rest of Europe, the pay-TV markets in Germany and Austria are still underpenetrated. The combination of rights renewals and extensions with key programming partners, marketing cooperation agreements with major cable and IPTV network providers, as well as the implementation of the new financing structure at the beginning of 2013, provide Sky with a solid long-term perspective and enhanced opportunities for growth and innovation.


“Customers deserve better” was the basic principle that was laid down when the Company was re-launched and re-branded as Sky in July 2009. This statement is driven by the conviction that customers throughout Germany and Austria deserve better television entertainment, better technology and innovation, and better service. To accomplish this, Sky’s strategic focus is on high-quality exclusive programming, cutting-edge innovations and outstanding customer service.

High-quality exclusive programming

Sky provides a broad selection of high-quality and exclusive programs spanning live sports, films, series, documentaries, children’s programs, and much more. Sky also offers a large selection of HD channels as well as an exclusive 3D channel. To ensure its ability to continue offering great high-quality entertainment, Sky continues to invest selectively to deliver high-quality programming for customers, including the expansion of its HD service.

Cutting-edge innovations

Over the past years, Sky’s innovative products and services have changed the way people watch TV while contributing to the sustained growth of the business. Sky intends to continue investing in cutting-edge services and products, in order to give customers more innovative ways to enjoy Sky, and to deliver an experience that is truly smart, seamless and social.

Outstanding customer service

At Sky, customer satisfaction is the top priority, and its people are constantly working to improve the quality of service. This includes faster shipping, more reliable hardware, as well as increased availability and better trained customer service agents. The measures Sky has taken so far have already earned the Company numerous awards and are a key contributor to the higher level of customer satisfaction. Sky will keep investing in people, technology and processes to ensure its customers continue to receive the high-quality service they expect.

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